Tech Returners is a positive and empowering organisation. We provide skilled tech professionals returning to the industry with accessible opportunities to refresh their skills. Through a range of programmes, resources and development tools we help reignite individuals careers - back to and through technology.

Our organisation is committed to removing the barriers returners face after career breaks. We tackle the digital skills shortage by empowering skilled people back into technology careers and providing continuous support on their journeys through technology and into leadership.

Our 'Your Return to Tech' programme offers the UK only fully accessible, up-skilling route back into technology. Combining industry-leading knowledge replicating real commercial environments, alongside career development and support from expert coaches.

Our programme isn’t just about coding. We’ll work with you to provide the technical skills and personal skills needed to re-enter the sector and prepare you for the right role, for you. Whether that’s software engineering, project management or something in between.

  • Remote Learning

  • Family Focused

  • Courses delivered by industry experts

  • Helen

    Tech Returner | Now Full Stack Developer at Infinity Works

    “ The quality of the teaching on the programme is outstanding and the coaches supportive, I learned so much, gained confidence and it set us up to continue that learning journey by helping to develop our mindsets. ”

  • Preethi

    Tech Returner | Now Software Developer at AutoTrader

    “ Pursuing 'Your Return to Tech' programme was certainly one of the best decisions of my life. As a woman who had been on a career break, all I needed was a supportive platform that could help me regain confidence - Tech Returners did just that. ”



We're with you every step of the way

Meet our supportive, expert team!

  • Beckie Taylor


  • James Heggs


  • Natalie Asprey

    Marketing Consultant

  • Kim Diep

    Software Engineer | Tech Coach

  • Matt Jones

    Head of Talent Acquisition & Partnerships

  • Ellie Judge

    Software Engineer | Tech Coach

  • Emily Baron

    Programmes Manager

  • Kerry Heath

    Business Operations Manager

  • Robin Nkomo

    Marketing Executive

  • Natasha Ahmed

    Marketing Manager

  • Milena 'Mili' Velikova

    Programmes Mentor

  • Simon Morgan

    Software Engineer | Tech Coach​

  • Neil Hughes

    Software Engineer | Tech Coach​

  • Charlotte Dougal

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Tom Rowlands

    Programmes Co-ordinator